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Design Junkie? Wear the Badge Proud.
Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009

Paying attention to HGTV design TV while perusing through a stack of national design magazines? You’re not alone. Our design and sourcing team here at is comprised of veritable junkies. Join us on any given day, and design with a capital “D” is the focus.

Being design savvy is the newest of hobbies, like collecting boutique wine or playing golf. Really. “Don’t you realize,” said one design junkie to another, “in order to transform my home into a personal retreat I have to watch and read it all!”

Speaking of reading and watching it all, we know how important the bath is. We’re experts at it! Nowadays, it is the consummate feel good space. The luxury bath market has gained a significant share of consumer dollars over the last few years. But something else important has happened recently — a sub-set of the luxury bath market is now going (and growing) stronger than ever — it is luxury for less. This means accessing top quality look-alike designs that echo the high falutin’ (and high-priced) items that are both aspirational and inspirational.

Lucky for you, this is exactly where steps in. What you see here is all about top quality, the latest designs and the hottest trends. We’re one of the most affordable solutions to finding value-priced bathroom vanities, sinks, faucets and even bath accessories.

If it looks deluxe, homeowners want it.

Elements that enunciate the space as the ultimate sanctuary are being shipped from our warehouse daily —from detailed faucets, fittings and accessories to vessel sinks and stylized pedestal sinks, double sink vanities, contemporary vanities, decorative medicine cabinets, mirrors and more.

Seeking double sinks with high style: Check out the Unico, a contemporary baroque style vanity, with a rich espresso finish, this double sink vanity (with the latest in clear glass vessels) is classic and striking. It’s a favorite among design aficionados.

So is the chic and minimal, Fiamma, a glass bathroom vanity that’s idyllic for a small space with big style. It’s also got plenty of masculine loft appeal. The combo of chrome hardware and deep green hues is a winner.

And as for Cortese 32" vanity this classic is special too. Curvaceous design, glass shelving and a waterfall faucet coupled with a rich chocolaty finish is in keeping with what you’ll see in gorgeous estate homes.

So, if you haven’t realized it yet, you’re as much a luxury consumer as the next guy. For one thing, luxury consumers yearn for specialness in their experience. Because luxury is tied up with creature comforts, consumers who achieve a luxury lifestyle are unwilling to make do with less or give up continued luxury. Rather than exclusivity, the luxury consumer values the ability to express a personal point of view, an attitude and uniqueness. That’s you, right?

So get ready to really multi-task. Watch design TV while flipping through those fave design magazines and let your new (and on-going) source that can’t be beat be

Quality and Flair Highlight Powder Room Sink Trends
Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Despite being a petite space, designers believe all bets are off when it comes to the powder room. Here, all indicators claim the vessel bowl as king. By sheer virtue of its size, the powder room doesn’t have the same demands as a master bathroom where durability and clean-ability are priorities. Many designers have alluded to the fact that they tend not to specify vessel bowls in master baths, but will do so with gusto in the powder room, where it’s all about the “wow” factor. Even still, function-wise, keep in mind that some vessel bowls have a countersunk bottom to allow for complete draining. You get the best of both worlds with this niche: function and beauty.

The bowls on that make a huge decor impact but won’t break your budget are numerous. Consider thick, tempered-glass vessel sink with rounded upper edges. Here are just a few options:

Imagine any of the above items in your home. Now picture the following scenario happening: Guests close the door (to the powder room) and start turning things over, even checking labels because they are curious about how you did it! That’s the best impetus for pulling out all of the stops.

Let be your guide to “pulling out the stops” since it leads us to several big trends in vessel sinks, which include:

  • jewel-tones
  • color changing fiber-optics
  • fractured surface materials to reflect light.

Through the use of creatively designed vessel sinks (i.e., seated above the countertop), designers are able to add rich colors into the powder room. On, we showcase several a colorful bowls for your decorating pleasure, including:

Shapes are intriguing too. Not all are what you might expect. For example, one of our favorites is the Concentric Square Glass Vessel Sink for $109.

The future just might hold even more compelling uses of materials. There’s a chance we’ll even see welded steel making a resurgence, in vessel bowls. Shallow, wide basin sinks are definitely popular right now, as are the waterfall like faucets that go with them.
Spa bathrooms have led to more refined materials, reports designers in the know. Rectangular shaped porcelain sinks in soft pastel spa tones lead the pack right now.

So now that you’ve got your vessel, time to choose a faucet. Here are our rules for doing so:

  • Select counter-top mount faucets since these are designed to purposefully be higher than your standard faucets, or
  • To save space, choose wall-mounted faucets.

Check the faucet product category on to guide you in your decision making process. We suggest you review vessel faucets. The list is a sub category of bathroom faucets on our web site. makes it easy for you with photos and size detailing too.

Which room in the house is the ultimate refuge? Just ask a designer and they’ll tell you it’s definitely the master bath. Today, homeowners have caught on to the notion, seeking out products that help to create the essence of a retreat. Join in. Begin by sourcing everything you’ll need to update your bathroom at Our moniker says it all: “Your preferred vendor for home and bathroom supply products including bathroom vanities, bathroom faucets, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, and shower panels.” With brands in our roster like Toto —products that integrate seamlessly into your daily lifestyle, and Danze — one of the world's largest manufacturers of brass faucets, your needs will most definitely be met.

The best part? You won’t have to go high dollar to get reliable products in styles you like. Want even more reason to shop Innovation has gone mainstream. Meaning, finishes, technology and colors plus functionality now allow products to be accessible to a much wider audience. We’re talking you!

When the housing boom was at its height, spacious master bathrooms were always found in new construction. Today, bathroom remodels carry their own cachet — having been touted for adding value to your home and actually generating up to a 90 percent return on an investment of any home remodeling undertaking (other than the kitchen). In some such projects, space may be taken from another room in the house to create additional bath space (i.e., you can often steal space from a closet). Even in a small space, indulgence is possible. For example, instantly update your bathroom decor simply by installing a lavish new faucet (take note, diminutive fixtures perfectly suit small baths); or enhance your surroundings with contemporary flair with a streamlined pedestal sink or go vintage with a traditional white porcelain basin and furnishing-esque antique vanity.

And here’s all the more reason to source your goods through — the cost of adding a new toilet, shower panel, pedestal, vessel sink and faucet, closet storage and more adds up. Big time. Our site offers you deep discounts on some of the most luxurious products bar none.

Our line-up offers a couple ideas for you to consider when adding new products to your bath:

  • Uncluttered design gives the bath a chic, modern look. For elegantly curved styling that complements both modern and traditional baths, consider the Danze Antioch Roman Tub Faucet in chrome, with Soft Touch Personal Shower. And it’s priced well too, at only $350.00
  • Different styles of bathroom faucets, from pull-down to wall-mount are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions. You can select from a distinguished array of faucet choices, which include Danze Opulence, a striking Single Handle Vessel Filler (just under $250) along with the integral and exquisite handle design of the Danze Tiburon Mini-Widespread Lavatory Faucet in brushed nickel (just under $220).
  • Making a minimalist statement requires a specific kind of perfection because everything in a minimalist space is totally revealed. Even high efficiency toilets bring out a more than a bit of high design to the bathroom. Consider our price range for toilets: $140 to $900 plus. There are styles for any design schematic, such as the appealing sculptural elongated form of the "Monterey" Royal 1009, a contemporary European toilet with water saving dual flush system for just over $500.
  • It’s all about enhanced comfort and convenience with our whirlpool bath systems. Invigorating all over massaging tubs are it, and with prices ranging from just over $2,000 to just under $5,000, Come on, you definitely need (and deserve) one. Check out the 20 Air Bubble Jet System on the Royal SSWW Whale or SSWWA513 (among 22 others on the site).
  • Showers have a prominent place in bathroom retreats. Refresh and feel good by adding in a new shower panel. has all the bells and whistles you could ask for, with nearly 20 unbelievable choices in striking finishes to suit any and all design motifs. Consider the Acrylic body, thermostatic valve with 6 body jets and an 8” rain shower (chrome plated hand shower). Both corner and wall installation brackets are included with this perfectly priced item at just over $500.
  • Even storage adds to the overall ambience. If your vanity doesn’t offer enough storage, then put over-head drawers right above it or a cool streamlined medicine cabinet, such as Model # MXCA001, priced well at just over $200. Or add an adjunct linen cabinet. Black cabinetry with elongated drawer handles fits the bill, model # STN659 runs for just over $430.00 and is sure to come in handy.

Remember, any bathroom can become your own personal retreat while also adding value to your home. At, we believe in interiors that reflect a total look, full of quality goods and your personal style. We’re here to assist you so that the products you ultimately choose for your bath retreat work in harmony with your lifestyle—not just for today, but also for years to come.

Get the Popcorn! Watch on YouTube
Posted on Monday, September 14, 2009

If you’re interested in seeing what has to offer, our website is the resource for bath vanities, sinks and related must have accessory items and more. Hands down. But now, we’re taking our design expertise and all we offer to the social marketing level — and we’re calling it our Insider’s Guide — “YouTube meets DecorPlanet.” Now at your disposal, you’ll find visually eye-catching videos that combine easy listening commentary on select products with great images that showcase our outstanding array of lux for less bathroom vanities. You’ll also find informative easy to follow instructive installation videos for the DIY marketplace. It’s a non-stop plethora of information.

How do you find us on YouTube? It’s a snap. Just search for and you’ll find one video after another after another. It’s addictive. Going shopping like this gives a whole new meaning to the word shopaholic!

We know that most of us are turning off the television and watching videos online (go ahead, admit it!). And since YouTube is the destination, we simply didn’t want to feel left out. is now connected with a broader audience of design savvy homeowners. There are lots of you out there! Get to know one another. Thanks to our YouTube videos, even more homeowners are now accessing our website. And on the flip side of that, we’ve gotten rave reviews from current customers who love the “up close and personal” feeling that our YouTube videos present. While still photos are always useful, there’s nothing quite like seeing each item from a variety of angles and having a chance to truly visualize space dimensions, storage capabilities, and slow closing drawer mechanisms among other compelling product benefits such as our simple one touch pop-up drains, one of our best selling sink features.

See for yourself. Turn off the TV and head to to find

Function then Beauty: Key elements of Good Bath Design
Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2009

The bathroom is unlike any other room in the house.

It is the place for:

  • Meditation and introspection.
  • Relaxation and refocusing.
  • A communal experience.
  • A secluded and tranquil retreat.

Review the offerings on and you’ll find that the latest European modern bathroom trends embrace the best in materials and minimalist forms. Distinctive characteristics (walnut, stainless steel, glass and assorted finishes) make vanities particularly appealing as strong design statements.

But before you go there, know that the bathroom is a space that warrants planning and much thought. So first and foremost, how will it be used? That’s an important consideration because intimate rituals are performed in the bathroom that not only cleanse us of the day’s excess—both physically and spiritually—but it’s also a place for us to shed our exterior and fully examine and become conscious of our interior.

To assist with the process, at we put our designer-savvy thinking caps on and organized a few important points:

Who will be using the bathroom?

  1. Will guests be using it? Make a statement with an nontraditional sink.

  2. Will children be using it? Then provide a pullout step under the vanity.
  3. Visualize the needs of the users, including you. Do you need a privacy zone allowing several users to occupy the space at one time? What activities will take place in the bathroom? Make-up, hair care, bathing, dressing, exercising, laundering, reading, lounging, showering?
  4. Finally, contemplate water relaxation elements such as: sauna, steam, and whirlpool. What are your preferences?

Hone in on:

The primary time of the day the bathroom will be used.

  • Address privacy issues with window and door treatments. For instance, glass is an architectural element that can define zones and lighting requirements. Explore what is available before getting too involved with the smaller details.

Storage integration.

  • You can never have too much bathroom storage. But first, take inventory of what you absolutely have to store in the bathroom and what can be placed in a hall closet (if the bathroom is too small). Ledges and shelves form an abstract sculpture of useful storage. Vented base cabinets can serve as hampers. Roll top garage-style space savers hide sink clutter. And, note that designers advise you to recess shallow shelving between wall studs.

Characteristics of your household.

  • Are you right handed? Left-handed? Have physical limitations? How tall are you?

  • Accessible design accommodates users of all ages, sizes and abilities. The objective of a great multi-user design is that it creates as few obstacles and barriers as possible. Grab bars can double as towel racks and easily be incorporated into a design as a stylish element. Hand held showerheads are convenient for users of all ages and size. Tubs should always be set into decks wide enough for the user to sit on comfortably and safely.

While the kitchen is a high-level design room, without exception, the bathroom too demands many decisions whether for a remodel or new construction. And unlike other rooms in your house where furniture can be moved on a whim, the bath is much more difficult (and expensive) when it comes to relocating fixture and plumbing sites. So … planning is key. Take our advice and then the fun stuff will follow. We’re talking about everything offered at, from sinks and vanities to storage accessories, shower panels and more.

There are a host of options at your disposal. Double-sink vanities, custom storage hutches and wall-mounted cabinets— all merging form and function. All you need to do is determine your style statement—contemporary, traditional, vintage, Asian inspired or Old World. At, luxury for less is constant. That’s why the stock cabinets offered on our site are not only well-priced but composed of only the highest quality material, construction, finish and accessories your money can buy.

As for your design style, let’s say it’s Asian inspired. You wouldn’t be alone with interest in that motif. The American bath culture has indeed changed. Stressed homeowners seek refuge and solace and that’s why so many of us are creating environments in our homes conducive to the Eastern concept of “centering.” You don’t have to be a certified Feng Shui master to recognize this increasing trend. Which translates to simple, clean lines and minimalist features that are a signature of the Asian-influenced design leaning. So hot in home furnishings, it’s not at all surprising that this thematic has made its way into the kitchen and bath. It’s a measure of good design.

It’s all about global style. From deep soaking tubs, exotic shower waterfalls
and sinks (vessels in particular, see’s goldfish glass vessel sink, for instance) that sleekly exemplify the art of Zen.

As homeowners integrate Japanese koi ponds into estate home entryways and lanai water features (as in a tranquil Asian-style lushly landscaped courtyards), the Asian-motif’s grace and beauty continues to be used for accessories, flooring and
furniture. In hardgoods, there are plenty of Asian-inspired looks, including:
faucets with a bamboo-like sculpted finishes (see’s Danze South Sea Single Handle Lavatory Faucet and
Danze South Sea Roman Tub Faucet with Soft Touch Personal Shower), along with drawer pulls reminiscent of bamboo, wood cabinetry inspired by Asian aesthetics and a sink series with its square wooden basins modeled after a traditional Japanese
soaking tub.

Clean lines and simple forms specifically characterize vanity cabinets defined by Pacific/eastern cultures. Asian design can be more asymmetrical. It is subtle, yet dramatic, and creates a peaceful ambiance. What’s noteworthy about Asian fusion basics is that some of the products aren’t even necessarily defined as such. But what makes them work so well is that they offer a “less is more” point of view with linear, sleek and contemporary sensibilities that combine unique and differentiating elements. Peruse to see this aesthetic at play.

Ranked high on the list of what most people want in a bathroom setting are privacy and personality. Personality comes in all sorts of ways: funky design, subdued colors, Zen surroundings, traditional or formal fixtures. Even bathroom mirrors showcase individuality.

Perhaps one of the best ways to showcase your personality is to pay attention to the small stuff. What that means exactly is — accessorize! Bolder decorating decisions have raised the echelon for tank levers and paper holders, which are fast becoming feature pieces in the bath rather than late additions. As people have become more confident in their decorating abilities, manufacturers have paid attention to what’s needed style-wise at home. They’ve designed more ingeniously with top-of-the-line finishes, always imaginatively too.

Trends and product options are constantly evolving and changing. Here at we’re pros at trend spotting. We believe that “hotel quality” accessories are the most coveted, so that’s what tops our list of offerings to you. With ten categories to select from, you’ll see in an instant that we’ve taken accessorizing your bath seriously.

Think beauty, simplicity and clean lines. You can even select a finish that allows you to mix-and-match with your overall bathroom décor. Our 10 categories of accessories are:

If you think those hotel toilet paper rolls are fab, we couldn’t agree more. We have only the highest quality award-winning European design award-winner in our product docket — it’s ultra-modern and sleek too. The Glorioso Series tissue holder with cover (Model VG71126) is priced remarkably at $34.45 and highlights a quadruple chrome finish, heavy brass construction with precision laser cut technology.

Matching accessories have always been a part of the high-end luxury market. But now the category is driving through all price points. Top designers tout soap dispensers, towel bars and tooth brush holders. It’s amazing!

If where to hang your luxury towels is a design dilemma. We’ve got the solution. Go for something special with the square towel ring, part of the Ultimo Series (Model VG70924). This is a bestseller with a modern sensibility. Its unique original design shows off a quadruple chrome finish that makes it easy to upgrade your bathroom. Listed for more than $95, it’s yours for just under $60. Or if an elongated towel bar is more in keeping with your design motif, the double towel bar, at 23" is also available in a quadruple chrome finish. The Estratta Series (Model VG72240) offers stunning modern looks with heavy brass construction and a European design hotel quality motif.

To assist your decision making process even further, we sell coordinated sets. Talk about streamlining the decision-making process, right?. Consider that for just under $100 you get a complete chrome finish design package (Model VGS1100) comprised of:

  • 24” Towel Bar
  • Towel Ring
  • Paper Holder
  • Double Robe Hook
  • Tumbler Holder With Frosted Glass
  • Soap Holder With Frosted Glass Dish

There you have it. Bathroom Accessories are a marvelous feature that can add your personal touch into the bathroom, especially if chosen with your design inclination in mind.

But beyond our reputation for originality, high style and design, you can always count on for something extra special — Free Shipping!