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Design Ideas: It's all about function
Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009
Here we go again. It’s about customized details. It’s about function. In today’s bath, outfitting with upgrades translates to everything from soaking tubs to heated floor tiles (even towel warmers with a hotel-to home cachet). Comfort is the underlying motivation.

Designs for the bath have become a lot more interesting. Materials have improved, styles are more varied and thanks to the fact that homeowners have become much more savvy about it all, pricing also matters. pays attention to pricing and quality, bringing our customers sound pricing for the best products with the very best features. To make it all happen, we pay close attention to what’s the latest and greatest in new products and design.
In our role as trend trackers, we’ve come up with the following points of interest:

Control Room

The electronic age has reached the bathroom, where toilet seats warm or lift up automatically; remote controls for the shower set the time and temperature for our morning wake-up call; and automatic faucet sensors (like the ones you see in commercial establishments) have been developed for residential bathrooms. Our Shower Panel and Steam Showers categories offer lots of the latest options.

Customize Me

Corner toilets and corner wall-mounted sinks save valuable space in a powder room. Our Ordinato Modern Vanity fits the bill. Accessory shelves add much needed storage where space constraints limit the size and scope of the bath vanity. Also plentiful on our site, peruse our Bathroom Accessories for what’s hot and new too.

Bathroom Bling

The basic glass sink bowl has morphed into a more artistic form, including colored tempered glass that is crackled or swirled and Venetian glass mosaic vessels that are made by hand. Years ago there weren’t faucets to support that style of sink, but today the choices are innumerable. Take a look at our Swirling Sea Glass Vessel Sink or our Honey Glass Vessel Sink (among others) in the Bowls category on Like ceramic, copper and stone, glass has become another amazing medium.

Space/Storage Solutions

Forget that old particleboard vanity. Fashioned from glass, wood and steel, the vanity (console) brings furniture pieces into the powder room. When space is at a premium, vanities allow for extra storage by being equipped with under the counter cabinets, drawers, ample counter space and possibly corresponding medicine cabinets and accessory-shelving units. Furniture style vanities are not only functional, but are created with a variety of natural materials such as wood, glass and stone to accommodate any unique bathroom setting. Check out Distante in our Modern Vanities category or Palermo in our Antique Bathroom Vanity offerings and you’ll see there are plenty of decisions to be made.

Spa Bliss

As if luxury materials aren’t enough, spa-style treatments are being incorporated into bath fixtures for the home. Some showerheads even feature the art of light therapy. Led-lit shower streams change colors to promote relaxation and well-being. Bath systems offer chromatherapy or aromatherapy options. In some cases, bath water is illuminated in eight colors or bubbles release essential oils into the skin as you soak, promoting stress reduction and peaceful sleep.’s on it, with two important product categories showcasing Steam Showers and Whirlpools.


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